Hazard and Risk Assessment

The best way to keep your employees safe and your workplace protected is to identify workplace hazards and control risks.

All workplaces have hazards in one form or another.   Sometimes, these hazards remain hidden until someone gets injured.  A fresh set of trained eyes can help identify those hidden hazards and the risks associated with them.  We can then devise a plan to eliminate or control those risks.  This in turn ensures that your employees are as safe as possible and your business is protected from fines and orders levied by the Ministry of Labour.

Our professionally certified health and safety practitioners can examine your processes and current controls and provide you with written and verbal recommendations on how to reduce your current risk.

Hazard recognition and risk assessment should also be done before any new process and piece of equipment is put into use.  This will often catch potential issues before someone is injured.

Contact us today for a Hazard and Risk Assessment of your workplace.