What's New at Redhead H+S

We are undergoing a number of changes here at Redhead Health + Safety.

1) We have put the wheels in motion to upgrade our Working at Heights/Fall Protection Training to meet the new provincial standard which came into effect April 1st.  Under the regulations anyone working in the construction industry or trades at 3 metres or 10 feet and above must take the new training course in the next two years.  We are hoping to have our certificate and approval from the MoL to train this course by the end of May.

2) The Global Harmonization System or GHS will become part of the WHMIS program starting June 1st of this year.  To that end we will be updating our WHMIS training program in May so we are ahead of the curve and ready to go on June 1st.  The GHS is a world wide hazardous materials information system which will standardize the symbols and safety data sheets for hazardous materials across the globe.  

3) We have added Respiratory Protection and Fit Testing to our training services.  If you use a respirator full or half face in your job you should take this training to ensure your respirator is actually protecting you.   We will teach you how to identify respiratory hazards and how to select, use and care for your respirator.  We will then perform a physical fit test on the respirators you use.

4) We have also added on-line training to our services.  You can use the pay as you go and take just the course you need, get your certificate and move on.  If you need lots of training you can purchase a membership.  For one low price per employee, per year, they can take all the training they need.  If you have an employee leave we allow you to sub in a replacement employee, so you don't have to pay for the same position more than once.

5) We are also updating our website.   Sandbox Media is redoing our site from the ground up to make it easier to navigate and provide users with the information they need.  The new site should be up and running by the end of April.